Tonya | 7.8.15 | Red Rocks + Evergreen

In an attempt to shoot a fashion editorial for a local magazine, I enlisted my good friend Machera to help me out as well as be a MUA and do Tonya's hair for the photoshoot. We tried to create images that told a story about spending the end of your summer partying and adventuring by yourself. However all our efforts seemed to be pointless when it started to pour as we drove to our first location, Red Rocks.

Red Rocks is incredibly scenic but we decided to drive to Evergreen in order to find sunlight, get some snacks, and change up the look. After grabbing a quick meal we found a perfect and empty park to shoot in. By the time we parked the rain had stopped and it was go time!

Shooting with Tonya was an absolute blast and that is why she is my go-to-girl when it comes to trying out crazy ideas and locations. There is no way that this shoot would have been as fun as it was or as successful as it was if it wasn't for Machera. Even if the rain did flatten Tonya's hair that Machera did so well, all her effort was heaven sent. Thank you so much Machera!