Lily | 7.18.15 | Mount Falcon Park

So often the things and ideas that we hold close to our hearts are shattered... After a very upsetting roller coaster of a week, I was selected to create the EP cover for a friend of mine's new musical endeavor. As we began speaking I became very excited about the concepts behind the album and photos. I always try to find an emotional connection to the photos I take because it plays very well to my advantage as I try to capture the mood of the scene. This shoot was no different considering what an upsetting week I had.

During the planning stage, it took us no time to put together ideas for the location, composition, colors, props, and wardrobe. Finding the perfect model, was a different story. After brainstorming a handful of people to work with, we finally made our decision. We chose Lily because not only was she a perfect match for what we envisioned the subject to look like, but she would also be a fantastic guide through the forest.

The longest part of the shoot was location scouting because we knew exactly how we wanted the photos to look but couldn't find the perfect location. Our hike through Mount Falcon Park was a breathtaking adventure that made this shoot even more rewarding. Once we found our own sliver of paradise to shoot in, everything went rather quick. Directing Lily was pretty simple because the poses were predetermined and she was so easy to talk to. 

All in all, I am pleased with the results of the shoot and very honored to finally shoot my first album cover. This was one of the first goals that I set for myself this year and I believed it would be the hardest. After 7 months I was able to do it alongside a group of very creative and kind individuals.