The Midnight Club & 1000 Miles of Fire | 11.11.16 | Summit Music Hall

I've been lucky enough to have spent the last year and a half documenting the progression of 1000 Miles of Fire. During this time I have seen them play countless venues with a few different lineups. Through all the late nights, band practices, and photo shoots in the snow, Andrew has become one of my best friends.  We both are exceptionally driven and passionate about pursuing our dreams which is what makes our friendship much deeper than terrible jokes and late nights at concert halls. Since Andrew's birthday is today, 1000 Miles of Fire's show opening up for The Midnight Club on Friday was partially a great night because of all the wonderful bands but it was also a celebration of Andrew's 18th birthday and 1 year of Brady being cancer free.

In comparison to the last time I saw The Midnight Club, they have grown tremendously.I really appreciate them letting me snap these photos of them. 

I swear that I can't be around Alex without taking a billion photos of her! Since I had sometime to kill before doors opened, I convinced Alex to let me take some test shots with her in the alley behind the venue. This was my first time shooting with these string lights and I couldn't have been happier with the results. I was able to obtain this beautiful almost studio like light by bouncing my speed light off the wall that was to the right of me. 

After I tested out the previous photos with Alex, I went back in the venue to get Alexandra and Sean to take some photos of them because they are the cutest couple I know and I think these photos prove that. This pair was so much fun to photograph because of how bubbly they are.

In celebration of Andrew's birthday we all gathered to sing happy birthday, eat some cake, and reminisce over all our great memories together.