letlive. | 3.13.16 | Aggie Theater

Photographing this show was definitely worth the long drive and late night. Every once in awhile there will be a show that I pass up photographing out of fear that I will disappoint myself. As this show neared, I wasn't planning on photographing it until just a few days prior. Looking back, I'm incredibly happy with my choice to photograph this show.

The line up was incredibly energetic. Being that I had never seen Tiny Moving Parts before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Seconds into their set, I was captivated. Really thankful to have had such a lively set to start the night and prepare me for what else was to come.

I have been dying to photograph letlive. for the longest time. While I have photographed them in the past, I disliked the photos too much  let that count. Photographing them has always been super intimidating because of how energetic their set it. I've always been too nervous that I would miss something! I must say that I have never been so glad about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Despite the challenge, I adore these images.

Closing out the night was The Wonder Years. I've only photographed them on warped tour before, but typically when they play Denver photographers aren't allowed in the photopit. This show was no different. While trying to shoot from the crowd is difficult I wouldn't have wanted it any other way for their set. Fore me The Wonder Years's shows have always been more about the energy in the crowd than what is happening on stage. There is no better way to capture that energy and community from the crowd.


The Wonder Years

Tiny Moving Parts

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