May 2016 - RECAP

Wowee! It has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. I just wanted to let you all know that I am in fact alive and have been super busy. May was a pretty packed month between spending time with friends and my photography related endeavors. I figured I should share what I have been up to (excluding a couple jobs that I don't know if I can share). So with out further ado here is what the month of May looked like for me:

May 1st: 1000 Miles of Fire - Promotional photos & practice

The introduction of Phil (guitar) and Nic (drums) to 1000 Miles of Fire meant that the band was in need of new promotional photos. So we had a mini photo shoot at their practice space. Andrew and 1000 Miles of Fire has been super supportive of me and you should defiitely catch them at their headlining show on August 20th.

May 9th: Letters To The Living - Promotional Shoot

My friend Austin's band, Letters To The Living, played the Moon Room in May. Since they are from Colorado Springs, I don't see them very often so I made a point to attend their show and they were kind enough to let me take some photos of them around LoDo prior to their set.

May 11th: ExplosionsIn The Sky @ The Ogden 

As a music lover and concert photographer, I go to a lot of concerts each year. This show was different. I can say with confidence that at he end of the year this will be in my Top 5 shows that I attended. I've seen Explosions in the Sky at Riot Fest and have listed to them a bunch, but nothing prepared me for how amazing this show would be. Words cannot describe the beauty of their music and so I hope my photos can do the job for me.

May 20th & 21st: The Used 15th Anniversary Tour @ The Ogden 

I was granted the opportunity to catch both nights of The used 15 year anniversary tour in Denver. I still can't believe that happened considering that my first "big" show was The Used and Taking Back Sunday back in 2014! I am incredibly thankful to everyone who made this possible. The images that I created both nights are some of my favorites of all time. I'm going to put a few on my favorites in here but I also highly suggest that you check out the full gallery from Night 1 on The Prelude Press.

May 24th: Albury Engagement

You all have probably seen my massive blog post with photos from this shoot and/or my many posts about it on social media. Even after all the time that has passed, I am so excited about these photos. They are definitely some of the best photos I have EVER taken. Austin and Brooke were so incredibly kind and I feel so blessed to have been able to capture their love.

May 31st: M83 @ Red Rocks

The last show that I photographed at Red Rocks was Panic! At The Disco in OCTOBER so to say that I have been dying to return for a show at Red Rocks is quite an understatement. Bob Moses and M83 put on a lovely show. Once again here are a few favorites and the FULL GALLERY can be viewed on The Prelude Press.