Warped tour is hot, chaotic, and dirty. This year it was hot, chaotic, dirty, and stressful. But whats the fun in doing what's easy? Being able to catch up with so many friends and photograph 17 bands is my definition of a good time no matter how crazy it might be. I was able to to be reunited with all my music photographer friends and finally meet Penelope Martinez (tour photographer for Marina City) after knowing each other for a few year! Even with so many things going wrong, it was the best day.


Colorado natives, 30H!3, had one of the biggest crowds I have ever seen in my three years of photographing warped tour. They're definitely a guilty pleasure band for me, but since I have never seen them before I went a little crazy with my photos!


I've been listening to Broadside a lot lately so needless to say, photographing them was pretty fun! I played around with my prism a bit during their set and I dig the results.

Cane Hill


Bradley Walden is one of the most fun front men to photograph. I had photographed Emarosa for the first time two years ago and haven't been able to catch them since, so seeing them was a very high priority or me!

Every Time I Die

It's not Warped Tour without Every Time I Die. These guys are such a blast to photograph and never fail to put on an exciting performance. They were one of the first bands that I caught on Warped Tour in 2014 so seeing them again was like a stroll down memory lane.

Four Year Strong

I have so many great summer memories associated with Four Year Strong. Its always a good time photographing or just watching them and singing along. This was the last set of the day that I really wanted to catch so I made a point to stick around and watch their entire performance. It was a perfect way to end such a crazy day.

Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills played pretty early in the day which was great because they really inspired me and made me so much more excited to spend the rest of the day photographing bands that I love. 

I See Stars

While I See Stars wasn't on my list of bands to photograph, I chose to snap a few photos of their set.

Marina City

Marina City was hands down the most impressive band that I saw on Warped this year. Every single member had such an incredible stage presence and sounded fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see them, don't sleep on it. This band is bound to do great things. Side note: the wonderful Penelope Martinez is currently on tour with them as a photographer. 

Masked Intruder

Real Friends

If I'm being honest I'm pretty bummed out on these photos. Photographing Real Friends was not as fun as it used to be.


Sleeping With Sirens

Sum 41

Sum 41 was one of the bands that I was most excited to see this year. They were so much fun to photograph even in such a crowded photo pit.

Tonight Alive

Too Close To Touch

I discovered Too Close To Touch last summer and have been lucky enough to photograph them another time since. They recently won an APMA and I couldn't be more stoked for them!


Being that Yellowcard just recently announced that they would be breaking up later this year, it was very important to me to photograph them because it may just be the last time that I get to see them. I adore this band and I'm really sad to see them go.

What a neat day!