Corsicana | 7.29.16 | Greeley

A little over the year ago, I was fortunate enough to watch Ben Pisano's set as Corsicana at Herman's Hideaway. Since then I have become good friends with Ben which meant that he trusted me with my crazy ideas for the promotional images for his new album Haven.

Armed with with 4 LED PAR cans, 1 soft box, a Nikon d750, Nikon 24-70m f/2.8, and a fog machine-- Ben and I made the trek to Greeley, Colorado to shoot in a 120 year old house. Huge thanks to Noah Sauls for letting us fill his house with fog and a lot of lights. You're the best!

I'm super stoked on these photos so here are a few of my favorites. Thanks Ben for giving e so much creative liberty with this shoot.

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