Hey blog, long time no see! So for the past month I have been going pretty much nonstop which is super exciting (but exhausting). Since I have been really busy creating, I haven't had much time to share what all I have been doing. So here is a look at what I have been up to in this September.

September 2-4th: Riot Fest

During labor day weekend, I worked as a press photographer for Riot Fest Denver for my second year. It was a great experience to spend my days photographing amazing musicians while surrounded by my friends who are also immensely talented photographers. Some of my best friends and biggest inspirations that I worked with during that weekend were Shannon Shumaker, Jacki Vietta, Jason Pendleton, Svetlana Joukova, Dave Gaslin, and Mike Kvackay. Full galleries can be viewed HERE and HERE. Also, I will include some of my favorite shots from Riot Fest below:

September 3rd: Kyle and Jennal's Wedding!

There is only so much I can say about these photos because they truly speak for themselves. The love that Kyle and Jennal have for each other is contagious and their wedding was stunning. Take a look at all the photos HERE.

September 7th: Promotional shoot w/ P O P F I L T E R

I was hired to do a promotional shoot for  P O P F I L T E R. Since my first time working for them earlier this year, they have been nothing but supportive. I was absolutely thrilled when they chose to hire me to shoot some updated promotional images for them. We shot for over an hour at the Southmoor RTD station.

September 13th: Promotional shoot w/ Bedford Falls

The guys in bedford Falls are without a doubt some of the nicest guys I have worked with in the Colorado music scene lately. I'm super stoked to see what the future has in store for them!

September 13th: Stick to Your Guns @ The Marquis

Every so often, I'll shoot a show that just completely inspires me as a photographer and a music lover. This entire night I had chills up my spine because of just how good each of the bands were. These photos are so special to me because of the emotion they convey through the artist and crowd interaction. Once again, all the photos from this show can be seen HERE.

September 17th: Brandon's Senior Photos

So its senior portrait season which means I'm living and breathing portrait photography. This shoot was really special because we were able to incorporate his love for baseball into nearly every aspect of the shoot. I love incorporating clients personalities into their shoot.

September 18th: Seth's Senior Photos

I had a portrait session in Guanella Pass. The pass was one of the most stunning places I have been to. Being in a place that makes you feel so small creates so much artistic inspiration.

September 19th: Promotional shoot w/ Flagship Discoteque

After much planning, I was finally able to put together a photoshoot with my friend Blake to prepare for his newest project, Flagship Discoteque. Blake was really easy to shoot with because we both work for the same publication (Myself as a photographer / writer and him as a podcast host / writer). We took some photos in his home and around Denver, including a stop to Twist & Shout. Shooting in the record store was really cool because when I think of someone who loves music my mind immediately goes to Blake.

September 21st: Tabitha's Senior Photos

September 23rd: Anthony Green @ Summit Music Hall

I must say that this show was the definition of dreamy! Anthony Green put on a stellar performance that instantly made me a fan. Plus seeing Mat Kerekes and Secret Space (both of which I adore) was so great. The full gallery can be viewed HERE and my review can be read HERE.

September 24th: Elofson Family Photos

I did my first set of family portraits this month with the cutest family in the world!

September 26th: Alex's Senior Photos

September 28th: Bedford Falls + All Wrong @ Moon Room

Big thanks to the guys in All Wrong and Bedford Falls for having me shoot this show. It was a great time with so many of my pals!

September 29th: Mumford & Sons @ Fiddlers Green

This show was a dream! I mean c'mon guys its MUMFORD & SONS AND CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN, it doesn't get much better than that. Full gallery can be seen HERE.