Maya | 4.25.18 | Lakewood

Feeling down? Find a friend and take their photo on busy streets.

Since Wednesday was such a beautiful day, I knew I had to take Maya out to take some photos. I was super inspired by this pair of yellow sunglasses that she has (they are almost as warm and bright as she is!). This was really casual and fun shoot. Even though we've had limited interactions before, we immediately clicked and spent most of the shoot dancing.

We took a bunch of photos with some blossoming trees in an office complex. Thanks to my 50mm f/1.4 and some strategic angling, you'd never guess we were in a parking lot. I adore how the pink in some of the trees matches her David Bowie shirt.

To finish the shoot we snapped some shots with two burnt cars which is a lot ~edgier~ than my usual locations, but it was so fun! I first found these two cars a few weeks ago and have been itching to take photos with them since.