Promotional Photos for Modern Suspects

Creating photos with Modern Suspects is so awesome because they always come to me with fun ideas but grant me SO MUCH creative control. Having this relationship where we can try out different ideas and techniques without fear of failure is so liberating and always yields killer results.

Another reason why I am always so inspired by these guys is because they work so hard. Even when juggling their full time jobs and families, they make the time to pour into their music. Often this results in late nights and long drives. This dedication is so impressive and motivates me to work harder.

I could go on forever about how great shooting with Modern Suspects is. But I know you are all here just to look at the photos.


Tyler, Garrett, and Bart, thank you for always supporting my art and choosing to work with me.

Please give their new single DESFUNOC a listen and check out their killer music video that was all self shot on an iPhone (I know. CRAZY).