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Kaitlin is my girl!!!! We met almost a year ago which is crazy to think about. Since, I’ve been able to watch Kaitlin get her dream job and grow so so so much.

This girl gets me. When we met up on Saturday she immediately asked if I was hungry when I had just been searching for near by brunch spots. Which led us to the Denver Milk Market, where we had an awesome brunch. Then right before our shoot she stole the words “let’s get coffee” right out of my mouth. And after our shoot we BOTH had plans to go our separate ways to do some work from a coffee shop but instead had the most productive and fun coworking session.

Not only are our times together fun, but they are filled with such amazing conversation. I am always motivated by Kaitlin’s dedication to her own filmmaking and the company she works for. I’m still convinced that she never sleeps with how busy she is. I am so thankful to have a friend like Kaitlin who understands the struggles of being a freelance creative and motivates me to grow.